What is Kyros?

Cloud-based dashboard solution

Kyros is a complete cloud-based KYC and AML dashboard solution, with support for more than 200 countries. Kyros supports you in onboarding and monitoring your customers, working in conjunction with your regular backoffice.

As a next-generation AML compliance program, Kyros is designed for financial institutions like banks, EMIs, cryptocurrency exchanges, casinos, brokers, funds, auction houses, real estate agents, lawyers and more.

Kyros acts as a single source of truth for the organization’s entire value chain of AML operations. No other systems are required. PEP, sanction checks, KYC, transaction monitoring, STR/SAR reporting – you name it, Kyros has it.

What is Kyros?

Key Kyros AML Compliance Suite Features

ID authentication and verification for KYC/KYB

Embeddable self-declaration onboarding form

Alerts based on user behavior and transaction data

Automatic risk scoring with custom risk factors

Advanced transaction monitoring

PEP and sanction lists scanning for 200+ countries

Dozens of data sources to enrich first-party data

Automatic SAR / STR report generation

Trigger Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) with built-in EU e-ID support

Integrated case management tool with auditor-friendly log

API webhooks for easy data exchange between systems

GDPR-compliant EU data processing

Key Kyros AML Compliance Suite Features

The Kyros AML Workflow in a Nutshell



Kyros works in conjunction with your existing website, back office or CRM-system. Kyros retrieves basic user information and transaction logs via API or manual upload.



Kyros analyzes the data and enriches it with supplemental information from premium third-party sources, including international PEP and sanction lists. You can also integrate Kyros-hosted self declaration forms into your onboarding flow.



Trigger on-demand strong customer authentication (SCA) via SMS and email. Document the users’ identity and answers to relevant AML compliance questions.


Risk score

AI analyzes the enriched data and automatically risk-scores users based on individualized risk parameters that you control.



Kyros offers live transaction monitoring of all transactions, allowing you to setup advanced alert rules for user behavior and transaction data – such as triggering EDD based on transaction limits.



All compliance work is performed in the cloud-based Kyros Data Suite. All compliance actions are logged, allowing for easy third-party auditing.



Create automatic in-depth reports for easy Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and Suspicious Transaction Report (STR) reporting. Export to PDF and upload to your relevant financial authority.



You can use Kyros Data Suite on its own, or as an integrated part of your backoffice. Data can be exchanged seamlessly back and forth. API webhooks allow for automated back office decision-making.

Who is Kyros AML Compliance Suite For?

Kyros AML Compliance Suite
  • Banks
  • EMIs
  • Casinos
  • Crypto exchanges
  • Brokers
  • Funds
  • Auction houses
  • Real estate agents
  • Lawyers

and more…

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Kyros Data Sources

  • First-party data from backoffice or CRMFirst-party data from backoffice or CRM
  • Live transaction dataLive transaction data
  • EU e-IDs like BankID, MobileID and NemIDEU e-IDs like BankID, MobileID and NemID
  • UN, US, EU and international PEP and sanction listsUN, US, EU and international PEP and sanction lists
  • Trulioo Identity VerificationTrulioo Identity Verification
  • Address verification sourcesAddress verification sources
  • Adverse mediaAdverse media
  • Passport authenticationPassport authentication
  • D&B credit reportsD&B credit reports
  • International tax registriesInternational tax registries
Kyros Data Sources

Kyros Customer Testimonials

    “Super happy with Kyros so far. It helps us streamline our AML operations and greatly increases onboarding speed. You really get a sense of control over your customer base.”



    Head of AML, Payoro

    “Kyros saves us a lot of time. Manual work is automated, and reporting, both to our MLRO and regulator, is sped up. Also, the logging is auditor-friendly, ensuring we excel as an organization.”



    AML specialist, Frontnode

Kyros Customer Testimonials

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